Jessica Lindner

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Mountaineering Guide Colorado Springs, CO

Jessica recently graduated from Ohio University with a degree in plant biology. While at Ohio University, she gained experience in molecular genetics and ecosystem ecology. She has experience in both academic and governmental labs. Most recently, she had the opportunity to work on the Washington Olympic Peninsula with the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. Her primary research focus at Ohio University centered on acid mine drainage remediation which cumulated in a senior thesis, which she is immensely proud of. Jessica also was a resident assistant in her dorm where she was ensured student’s health and safety, and facilitated community development. She came to Select Botanicals Group to gain experience in agriculture in order to fully explore the possibility of her field before deciding on a career path. She looks forward to learning from Select Botanicals Group staff and her fellow interns. In the future, she would like to keep traveling and gaining new experiences throughout the United States and beyond.

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