Crop Report

Every year since 2009, demand has driven double and triple-digit growth in new YCR managed acreage. As craft growth levels to more sustainable increases, acreage expansions will also slow. Growers will have an opportunity to take a break from the hectic spring plantings that have been a staple since 2009. In 2015 and 2016, YCR growers dug and planted over 12 million roots per year. We added over 20 growers in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho during that time. In 2017, that growth will slow substantially as supply finally catches up with demand.

2017 SBG Production Goals

  • 7 Million Lbs. Simcoe®
  • 630,000 Lbs. Ekuanot™
  • 4 Million Lbs. Citra®
  • 440,000 Lbs. Ahtanum™
  • 3 Million Lbs. Mosaic®
  • 230,000 Lbs. Loral™
Hop Production goals


  • SIMCOE® yields will increase slightly as a result of the babies planted in 2016 in Oregon and Idaho.
  • 2017 CITRA® acreage will continue to increase as demand continues to drive increased supply.
  • Strong 2016 yields for MOSAIC® are assisting with meeting current demand for the brand.
  • EKUANOTTM acreage is balanced with 2017 production goals.
  • LORALTM will continue to grow in volume in 2017. With the majority of 2016 YCR LORALTM acres as babies, there will be an increase in 2017 yield as they grow into a mature crop. LORALTM is gaining popularity with brewers in Pilsner and Lager style beers, but has also been successfully showcased in other hop forward styles.
  • YCR’s relaunch of AHTANUMTM with Hop Stunt viroid free rootstock is allowing us to expand this brand.
Crop Management

YCR works with growers to ensure best management practices are applied to each brand. This includes:

Harvest Quality & Traceability

Even the highest quality crop can be compromised with faulty harvest and kilning practices. YCR requires specific standards on how our brands are harvested to ensure a consistent, high-quality product.

Hop Acreage by Year
Hop Production by Year
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