Welcome to Yakima Chief Ranches, a grower owned, integrated botanicals and brand management company. Our family farms are proud to announce that we recently returned to our roots under this company name, transitioning from Select Botanicals Group. From propagation to pint, we look forward to continuing to provide our customers with the world’s finest hops through our collective supply chain with Yakima Chief Hops.

Our purpose is to create, grow, and protect value for all within our footprint through developing first class hop varieties, relentlessly pursuing quality, and building meaningful relationships. These are not abstract concepts to us. We define our FOOTPRINTS™ as being everyone and everything from grower to beer drinker. First class hop varieties provide innovative solutions that create long term value. When we talk of quality, we mean products and services that drive the industry standard. Finally, we develop relationships that are intentional, respectful, responsive, transparent, and mutually beneficial. This website is meant to illustrate our commitment to our purpose and the passion for our vision.

Comprehensive brand management through our Footprints™ program