Announcing the Rebrand of Equinox Brand HBC 366 Hops

Announcing the Rebrand of Equinox<sup>™</sup> Brand HBC 366 Hops

For Immediate Release
Hop Breeding Company To Re-brand Equinox™ aka HBC 366 cv.

Yakima, Washington – Hop Breeding Company, the joint venture between the John I Haas and Select Botanicals Group breeding programs today announced its decision to re- brand Equinox™. The pending name change will not affect availability of this popular variety and in the interim Equinox™ will revert to its original name, HBC 366. HBC 366 will continue to be a designated commercial variety by HBC and is available from both John I Haas and Yakima Chief-Hopunion

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Posted May 11, 2016

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